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  • Personal Branding Guidelines

  • Brand Strategy & Direction

  • Reels Direction & Creation

  • Grid Planning

  • Social Media Strategy


Accounts Reached: +130%
Accounts Engaged: +11%
Total Followers: +155%
Followers Gained: +782

"Thank you Armonni! I love everything.I appreciate prayer in the beginning. I don’t know if this is something you incorporate with all your clients but I like that it’s upfront and leaves no room to question why we are all here. Secondly, the presentation was spot on in representing me. I don’t know how you did it but you spun my words like a washing machine and poof made a whole presentation out of it. You take direction well and apply it in a digestible way. The flow of the process was concise and the communication was thoughtful/thorough. The branding strategy was simple to understand and practical to implement. Overall, you kept a very professional vibe."

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